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Our specialists will become acquainted with and evaluate the wood of which the objects were made, examine their age, as well as tools and materials used to make them. This way we can effectively renew them and protect against the adverse effects of natural factors or mechanical damage.


Our expert team has extensive experience, comprehensive knowledge and adequate technical infrastructures in the field of wood renovation. Our special accomplishment is, among other things, reconstruction of the harbor of Emperor Wilhelm II in Ventehalle, which met with great interest and recognition of our clients.

Renovation of historic buildings and wooden surfaces is the best way to achieve adequate protection and often to save valuable and unique objects. They always have a rich history, which is why we recommend taking special care of them and restoring their original appearance.


Our company offers professional renovation of wooden buildings, doors and windows as well as historic objects, regardless of their location. We will learn about the condition and possible destruction that should be repaired in order to best plan and carry out the process of restoring splendor.


We are right there at your side with any renovation and restoration of historic buildings.

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Renovation of monuments

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